Anything Goes is the English translation for "Musabetsu" - a fictional (?) school of Asian martial arts. It is also a site title given by Lexa the original owner, which I thought would be nice to keep because it is a phrase/term featured throughout the story of Ranma 1/2.

The current design, School Adventure, concludes the 4th makeover we've ever gone through at this site. While I planned to piece random images from the series together for a collage-like effect, the main emphasis of both the header & footer image ended up hinting at manga volume 12 in particular, which features one of my favorite sagas ("The Return of Principal") in the series.

Hooray for Ranma and his burnt-out friends~

Hello visitor, you have arrived at Anything Goes! - a mini tribute and fanlisting dedicated to Ranma 1/2, one of the greatest comedy works ever created in the Japanese anime/manga industry. (Or at least so in my opinion.)

There are four main sections at this site, which can be navigated using the four small text links under the site title. Sub-navigation of each section will appear to your left as you click through, and the rest should be self-explanatory. Happy Browsing!

28 January 2007

W00t for new layout! After two years of doing absolutely nothing (cough), we finally have some content and media at this site. The long-dead linkbase has also been restored and I made some new codes as well. Now to happily go back to my hideout...